The Trapped With Herbert Wiki looks amazing when it has outstanding articles, so we wanted to encourage an aim to improve articles to get them up to the best standard possible. This enabled the article grading system to be introduced, inspired and modified by that of Wikipedia's. The aim is to get all articles within the "Masterful" article zone or the "Featured" article zone. Being able to skillfully contribute to an article to get it to a standard above "Decent" is a worthwhile English skill.

Article quality scaleEdit

  • Featured article Featured articles - Articles that have the Masterful criteria and have attained Featured Article status because of them being widely acclaimed.

  • Masterful article Masterful articles - Articles that have met the Merit criteria and have a compendious style.

  • Merit article Merit articles - Articles that have met the Decent criteria and have been presented and written meticulously.

  • Decent article Decent articles - Articles that conform with a respectably acceptable and satisfactory standard.

  • Not satisfactory articles - Articles which don't yet meet the necessary criteria to be of at least a decent standard.

Article quality grading schemeEdit

Grade Criteria Reader's experience Editing suggestions
Featured article Featured Featured article criteria As per the Masterful article reader's experience, plus it includes content that interests or engages the reader. As per the Masterful article's editing suggestions, except that further improvements to the article's quality with a judicious and prudent flair are probably not possible.
Masterful article Masterful Masterful article criteria Professional, outstanding, and thorough; a definitive source for encyclopedic information that even experts of the subject find it complete. No further content additions should be necessary unless new information becomes available; further improvements to the article's quality with a judicious and prudent flair are often possible.
Merit article Merit Merit article criteria Very useful to readers. A fairly complete treatment of the subject. A non-expert in the subject would typically expect no more on the article. Expert knowledge may be needed to tweak the article, and style problems may need solving. Indicating problems and solutions to them on talk pages may help.
Decent article Decent Decent article criteria Useful to nearly all readers, with no obvious problems; approaching (but not equalling) the quality of a professional encyclopedia. The article's quality sufficiently meets a generally acceptable standard. Some editing by subject and style experts is helpful; comparison with an existing featured article on a similar topic may highlight areas where content is weak or missing.
Not satisfactory
Not satisfactory criteria Provides very little meaningful content or is incomplete; may be little more than a dictionary definition. Readers may probably see insufficiently developed features of the topic and does not see how the features of the topic are significant. Any editing or additional material can be helpful. The provision of meaningful content should be a priority. The best solution for a "Not satisfactory" article to step it up to a Decent article is to add in referenced reasons of why the topic is significant.