Not satisfactory article criteriaEdit

A not satisfactory article is:

  • an article with a very basic description of the topic; and/or
  • an article that is very short in length and lacks information to become a meaningful or useful article to readers; and/or
  • an article with irrelevant and incomprehensible material; and/or
  • an article with grammar/spelling errors; and/or
  • an article lacking "flow"; and/or
  • an article requiring cleanup; and/or
  • an article with biased/unreferenced material; and/or
  • an article with missing relevant sections

Articles marked as not satisfactory may be supplied with feedback to get the article to a decent article criteria on their respective talk pages.

List of not satisfactory articlesEdit

All of the articles below currently meet the "Not satisfactory" article criteria. Any article in this category are encouraged to be improved so they can meet the "Decent" criteria or higher.