Elite Penguin Force
Logo of the Elite Penguin Force

Flag of the Elite Penguin Force
Agency overview
Aliases EPF
Preceding Agency Penguin Secret Agency
Formed Unknown (known to be around since November 25, 2008)
Headquarters EPF Command Room
Motto "Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready"
Leader The Director of the EPF

The Elite Penguin Force (more commonly known as the EPF) is a special agency organisation in Club Penguin, consisting of EPF Agents, who work to protect the island from threats. It is run and was created by The Director of the EPF (Aunt Arctic). It was at one time a branch of the PSA until the PSA was destroyed by Herbert's popcorn bomb, causing the PSA to dissolve, and then making the EPF the main agency of Club Penguin. Notably, unlike the PSA, the EPF became more publicly known, encouraging the recruitment of citizens, thus making it an everlastingly growing agency.



Seemingly established in 2008 as a higher order of the finest PSA Agents, the Elite Penguin Force was the sister agency to the PSA. Their headquarters were directly adjacent to the PSA's, but nonetheless had its own separate intranet. If the PSA's network was to fail, the EPF's network would still be online (this proved very useful after Herbert's popcorn bombing of the PSA HQ).

The EPF would be tasked with "top-secret operations most PSA agents don't even know about" as their missions would work much closer to the Director.[1]

Dissolution of the PSAEdit

When Herbert P. Bear successfully bombed the PSA's headquarters, immediately following a hacking spree and an attempted breach of security, the PSA was officially dissolved and caused the merge into the EPF. All former PSA Agents immediately had been promoted to EPF Agents. A new headquarters was built in place of the former PSA HQ, inside the established Everyday Phoning Facility.


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  • The Everyday Phoning Facility is technically a disguise for the EPF, as it is actually used for the EPF Command Room.