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    The Cave Maze was a nice little mini event idea, intertwined with Sasquatch's story. It brought tried and trusted elements from previous events such as the Great Snow Maze to add more sociability into the world. When I logged into Club Penguin for the maze, I saw quite a few helping others and leading the way in the maze to get to the right direction.

    The maze itself looked all right, though perhaps a darker tone with brighter lamps would be more suitable for an underground maze. I liked the ending room in particular, which had a good pun and a reference to the PSA Mission: Mysterious Tremors. The ability to get into a secret room with a drill was also a great feature.

    The new music used was not bad either. Overall an 8.2 out of 10. :) Great ev…

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  • CPPerapin

    Our first satisfactory party of the year! Can you believe it? :D After months of me grading parties as Not satisfactory, we finally have a party with a Decent grade! The Puffle Party 2015 was successful on part of Club Penguin working with our feedback in consideration.


    This time around, the storyline actually made more sense after Club Penguin treated thoughtful development to it. It involved a subplot of the mystery of Sasquatch. We knew almost nothing about what Sasquatch was doing hanging around Club Penguin up until now. But now we got to learn more about the character as a result of this party. The fact that we still don't know that much about Sasquatch leaves layers of the character to still be unpeeled, and reels us in to see t…

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  • CPPerapin

    Pi Day 2015 Review

    March 29, 2015 by CPPerapin

    Well I don't have much to say about the Pi Day party because there's very little positives. While it was nice to have signs directing you to the Mine Shack to the event, the event itself was pretty random and did not contribute anything meaningful to the player. Throwing pies instead of snowballs? What does that have to do with anything? Gary and Rookie did not do much to contribute to the party either. Although I did at least like how the Club Penguin Team at least added some Pi related formulas to the chalkboard. I'd rather a Pet Rock Day or Haiku Day Party. Overall it's a 1.2 out of 10.

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  • CPPerapin

    Not as good as it sounds. ↓

    Cadence didn't hype up the party as effectively as she could have. The fact that no mascots attended made the interest in the party not as wide as it could have been. Sensei, Gary, and Aunt Arctic attended the Hollywood Party last year and their personalities combined attracted players to meet them. Cadence just appears as a sprite judge and you don't get that personal experience with her. The Club Penguin Times told us the Penguin Band would be coming but unfortunately that turned out to be false.

    And like Riyita pointed out in his review, "Cadence randomly decided to have a radio station, and for penguins to make music. It all came out from nowhere, and has no 'meaning'".

    Like Juca pointed out in his review, "Mat…

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  • CPPerapin

    The force isn't strong in this one. ↓

    The takeover lacks the necessary Force in the storyline. There's nothing that really motivates us to do anything but the items, and that's a dead giveaway for the storyline's weakness. If it connected to us emotionally, then players could learn something, but unfortunately that isn't present here. It's all about doing simple favors for the major characters, the biggest favor being rescuing Kanan from the Inquisitor (who you must duel), but even that is weakened by a lack of connection to the Sith Lord and the few steps necessary to defeat him. As there's a lack of Force present in the takeover unlike in the Star Wars Rebels TV Show which represented it in showing good and evil consciences, it's a disapp…

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