Cave Maze

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Finally, a challenge!

Author's rating: Prestigious   82/100

User rating: Critically acclaimed   96/100

The Cave Maze was a nice little mini event idea, intertwined with Sasquatch's story. It brought tried and trusted elements from previous events such as the Great Snow Maze to add more sociability into the world. When I logged into Club Penguin for the maze, I saw quite a few helping others and leading the way in the maze to get to the right direction.

The maze itself looked all right, though perhaps a darker tone with brighter lamps would be more suitable for an underground maze. I liked the ending room in particular, which had a good pun and a reference to the PSA Mission: Mysterious Tremors. The ability to get into a secret room with a drill was also a great feature.

The new music used was not bad either. Overall an 8.2 out of 10. :) Great event!